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Poker Tells

There are many different types of general poker tells and individual poker tells each person has. 

We here present few examples of the same :

Looking Straight at You : During a crucial moment of a hand, it usually means they don't have a very good hand.  They are watching your every reaction to see what you're going to do.  They don't want you to call or raise and usually, they are on a bluff hoping you will fold.  The psychology behind this is that the person doesn't look at you when they have a good hand, so if they are looking right at you, they must not have a good hand.  If you can reflect on the 2003 World Series of Poker, when Chris Moneymaker was all-in on the bluff of a lifetime, you'll notice his stone cold face. 

Looking Away From the Flop :   This tell suggests that a person will look away immediately when the flop is strongly in their favor.  They quickly see that they are in the hand and don't want to deter anyone from playing.  Therefore they look long at their cards or may even strike up a conversation.  Heck, don't you want to talk to someone if you're really happy about something.

The Two Tap Turn :   By this we mean when it is that players turn or just before, you'll see them tap there cards or fingers two times.  A very, very large percentage of the time, this means they have nothing and are getting ready to fold.  We believe the two tap means in syllables, "Darn it","I'm out", "I missed", or "No Good".  Therefore, if you see the two tap, before your bet, raise no matter what if it is down to the two of you.  This one happens a lot by a lot of players so keep a good eye out for it.  However, sometimes this is done slowly by good players trying to throw you off.

The Neat Pile :  If a person stacks their cards particularly neat, this usually means they are in the hand. That doesn't mean if they are stacked sloppy they will fold, it just means if they took the time and care to stack neatly, they may be getting ready to play.  You can test this theory with different individuals.  If you know a person is reckless or sloppy by nature, then watching them carefully place their cards would more strongly signify that they are getting ready to play.  Likewise the contrary, if a neat particular person sets their cards down sloppy, they may be getting ready to fold as well. 

Card Under Card :   This is when a person is shuffling their cards in their hand card one card under the other.  Usually this happens in games where people are fishing for a card.  Therefore if you see it happen in Texas Holdem, they probably have an Ace and they are hoping to get the other Ace. 

The Lean Back :    If you spot someone leaning back in their chair, it usually means they have a good or strong hand.   The game has been tense and it is finally time for them to relax for a moment.  Therefore if you spot someone leaning back, keep in mind that they may have a good hand.

Players talking on thier turn : can be one of the best poker tells. Keep your ears wide open and listen very carefully. Just the way they say check, bet, or raise can tell you a lot. Most often weak players will sound weak when they have a strong hand. The very meak and quite spoken words, "I'll raise" probably means they have the winner at the time. Sometimes intead of sounding weak, the person won't say anthing at all rather they will just raise and expect someone else to announce the raise for them. On the contrary, a strong player will notice these habbits and change up thier tone and demeanor when speaking depending on the particular player they want to gain an advantage over. And that is what poker tells are all about, gaining an advantage over the other poker players.



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