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Poker Tips

Craving for poker tips? Here's more to help you become a poker champion soon!

•  Wait your turn to act or place abet.

•  Don't pretend you're some big-time player if you don't have the money to back it up . Nor play in a game that is too tough for you where you're opponents are much better than you; or bet in a game that is too high for you. Remember, you can't play your best if you can't afford to lose.

•  Soon you'll discover who the strong players are at the table . And as tempting as it is, don't try to beat them at the risk of losing sight of the more important aspects of the game.

•  Vary your strategy . If you keep playing the same way in every round you will become an easy mark to your opponents. Changing your style halfway can throw your opponents off guard and won't know when to call your bluff.

•  Treat every betting round s if it were the first . Forget about the previous rounds whether you won or lost the pot.

•  Bet Intelligently . Make careful and responsible bets. It's a great defense tool in addition to accumulating useful information against your opponents by how they respond or react to bets.

•  Look for common poker tells . A show of emotion is a key factor to giving away clues, although you want to avoid them you should observe your opponents. More advanced players may try to fake them to confuse beginners, though. But here are poker tells you should be aware of:

•  Players who stares at his cards longer than usual, keeps glancing at the chips, or looking at signs that other players will fold. They are probably giving away a good hand.

•  Hands trembling excessively may also indicate that the player has a good hand.

•  The way players stack their chips can be a reflection of their betting behavior. Chips that are stacked neatly imply that he is a conservative better. If they are arranged sloppily it implies that the player is a loose or aggressive better.

•  Players who are bluffing may be showing signs of anxiety, dilated pupils, increase heart rate, or unconscious muscle flexing.

•  Expressions and posture indicates how confident or not a player is. So watch for any changes in them as the game progresse.

•  Don't get married to a hand . Throw your hand away when it's obvious that you've been beaten.

•  Don't play when you've had too much to drink . When it comes to poker alcohol can be your enemy. Though beer and cigar are common poker company, alcohol is not recommended especially if the stakes are high or in a casino.

•  Don't be intimidated . Try to have fun while playing. Keeping it relaxed and steady will give you a better chance of grabbing that pot.

•  Set a daily gambling budget . We know you're eager to win big but not everyone make a fortune playing poker, a lot more lose theirs. It's okay to get hooked up on the game but spending your entire savings in hope of winning a million is another thing altogether. Be wise and play for fun.



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